a virtual trip-quiz around the world

... to enhance online meetings

...take off in Europe (Switzerland) and test your general knowledge by stopping on each continent (not Antarctic cause it is too cold) and safely land back again in your office chair in Europe :-)... who will be the next trivia champion in your company?

Enhance online meetings with an interdisciplinary funny quiz. Your attendees will be more motivated and efficient. It is playable with all major apps like zoom, teams, webex etc.

„one of the best experiences in videocalls so far!“

How about an aperitif kit
Alternative to the christmasparty!




What devices are necessary in order to participate

Each person needs two devices that are connected to the internet. It can be Laptops, Tablets or Smartphones. One Device is needed for the Videocall, the other for the Quiz

Do i need to download a Software or App?

You don't need to download a software or an app to play the quiz and to join the videocall. Of course, there you can download the softwares and the App if you want.


Whats the duration of a Quizevent

There is a flexible duration from 20 - 90 minutes. We suggest a Quiz around 45-60 minutes.

Can the Theme be changed?

Of course it is also possible to do othere theme based quiz. We can also do a specific quiz for your company.

Can i suggest some questions of my own?

Of course we can add some personal or sepcific requested questions and make your Quiz unique!


How much does a Quiz-Event coast?

The price depends on the duration and the groupe size. It starts at 39.- per person. We would love to send you a non binding offer.

Any questions?

Please contact me
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